Moving from Good Enough to Great

Often things are going well, but you want to raise the bar on your performance. You know your people are an important resource, and you need to stay ahead of the competition. We will collaborate with you to make things happen. Together we will determine the value of investing in your people and how we will measure it. When you think of your organization ….

  • Are your mission, vision and values articulated through behaviors at all levels of your organization?
  • Can your culture be felt by employees and customers alike in a positive nature?
  • Do you have a well communicated strategy understood by employees at all levels?
  • Is teamwork evident throughout your organization, or do people operate in silos?
  • Would your employees say they feel heard and acknowledged for the work they do?
  • Do your employees feel safe to say what is on their mind with no fear of reprisal?


If you would like to raise the bar on any of these issues, give us a call. We offer personalized services that works with the leadership team to ensure effectiveness, and our work is guaranteed.


We can help you to bring your vision to life and move your organization from just being good enough to GREAT!



Here are a few examples of the type of clients we’ve helped:



  • Delphi
  • Barilla
  • Emhart Glass



  • Rochester Business Alliance
  • Society of Women Engineers
  • Numerous Chambers throughout NYS



  • University at Brockport
  • Geneva Central School
  • Rochester City School District


Health Care Facilities

  • Finger Lakes Community Health
  • Visiting Nurse Service
  • New York State Health Facilities Association


State and City Facilities:

  • Albany – Governor’s Office Employee Relations
  • Public Employees Federation
  • Rochester City Police Department

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