The overall goal of Workplace Communication, Inc. is to help organizations create great places to work with loyal engaged employees. Creating a high trust culture will help improve the quality of all employee’s lives and the productivity of your organization. When there is a sense of shared purpose your people deliver outstanding results. The approach we use is strongly influenced by research of organizations on the Fortune’s Great Places to work list. By interviewing executives we grew to understand how these companies created a culture where people wanted to be and stay, thus integrating these strategies into our consulting, coaching and training services.


In 2008, President and Founder Beth Sears, PhD formed Workplace Communication, Inc. to assist organizations and individuals with improving productivity through enhanced communication, employee engagement and loyalty. Beth has a PhD in communication from the University of Buffalo, and her past experience includes a culmination of 30 years at General Motors coupled with 18 years as an adjunct instructor for Cornell ILR and currently an adjunct instructor at the Nazareth College School of Management. This allows her to link research and theory with her workplace experience which enables her to understand what cultivates change in the workplace.