With up to 71% of America’s workforce disengaged, that means you are operating at 1/3 of your capacity! Were those employees like that when they started? Usually not. They started a new job excited and many lost initiative within the first 6 months. The key to stopping this digression is to help your employees to feel listened to and acknowledged. That is what I found when I taught “Respect in the Workplace” around New York State. No matter the level of the person or their organization, the two things which consistently came up were people are frustrated because they did not feel listened to or acknowledged for what they did.


The key is their immediate supervisor, and a trusting culture which encourages open and honest communication in all directions. But these so called soft skills are not thought of as bottom line initiatives although nothing gets done without communication. It is the thread that holds everything together. Of crucial importance is the need to help your leadership to communicate in a manner that engages your employees so they go the extra mile.


How is this accomplished?  In order to customize our work with your people, our process includes:

  • A 1 1/2 hour Discovery session in which we peel back the layers to understand the person better.
  • Based on that session:
  • Various assessments will be suggested to help the individual create greater self-awareness
  • A study of  Emotional Intelligence
  • Establishment of SMART Goals
  • 2-3 40 minute sessions per month to work on SMART Goals
  • Unlimited phone and email content
  • A free gift (based on the assessment)
  • 6 month commitment as true behavior change takes time

We believe communication skills are best learned in the real world and do not want our clients to wait until the next session to discuss a situation. That is the reason we offer unlimited contact through phone or email to discuss how to approach situations or to build bridges where the outcome has not gone well. We offer multiple levels of coaching to meet the needs of the individual and organization. Please contact us for information.