The key to a highly motivated and productive workforce and a strong bottom line is how your people feel working at your organization. When employees feel respected and understand how they fit in the overall goals of the organization something amazing happens. People start working together and your surprises are minimized. Communication flows and stress is reduced. This starts with awareness and learning the skills to dramatically improve engagement. Let us help you to take that first step.


We understand how to energize an audience and bring information to life. All presentations are interactive and give information the participants can start using that day.

Topics include:

Employee Engagement Integration

Four “C’s to your Bottom Line – This talk emphasizes the importance of Connections and Communication to develop the Culture in which people excel. The ROI is when you Cash in with Culture. Insider secrets will be shared regarding how the Great Places to Work use simple ways to dramatically improve their bottom line. Organizations such as Zappos, Gilbane, Saks, Dixon Schwabl and Wegmans grew even during the economic downturn. Learn what they did to keep their workforce engaged through difficult times.


Hang On To Your Stars!

When your best people leave …  your organization suffers.  This presentation will help leaders incorporate creative ways to keep their star performers including simple non-monetary perks.We will help you  identify signals that your star performer is looking elsewhere and ways to have those difficult conversations. You will learn surprising ways to motivate and engage your key employees so they want to stay and help you succeed.


Building Winning Relationships – It’s Not Rocket Science

When you learn the 4 Keys to winning relationships, your world will shift and it is surprisingly easy. It is not the grandiose things that make relationships work but the small day-to-day things that leave people feeling acknowledged and respected. This highly interactive workshop will delve into ways to frame a conversation for positive outcomes as well as ways to handle those difficult conversation many people avoid. Change your approach and it will change your life at work and at home.


Exploring Generational Differences in the Workplace and Making them Work! – Why Can’t We Get Along?

For the first time in history we have 4 and soon to be 5 generations working side by side at work. Understanding generational differences is the key to making them work for – not against your organization. Using the participant’s own work experiences, this talk goes right to the heart of the issue and confronts ways to keep generationally diverse co-workers productive.