Workshops are offered to allow for interaction and practical application on topics that require additional emphasis or clarification. Topics include:


Creating Organizations that Work

Workshops can be a good tool in helping to bring your vision to life. These workshops are designed to get your people involved by teaching them how to work together for the common good of the team. It aids everyone in understanding why people behave as they do and how to dramatically improve all relationships whether at work or at home. Why worry about relationships at home? People do not have a work like and a home life, they have a life, and what goes on at home influences your workplace and attaining your goals. These workshops are about creating balance. The workshops range from 1 hour to a full day depending on the level of support requested from your consultant. Leadership Development consists of 2-3 days of seminars and can include time in between to integrate the new skills.


Three Deadly Sins of Interpersonal Communication

Most people underestimate the problems caused by poor interpersonal relationships. More people are terminated due to poor interpersonal skills than ever due to job skills. This workshop will create an awareness of behaviors which create interpersonal problems and help develop skills participants can incorporate into communication to improve all relationships.


Dealing With Difficult People

Dealing with stressed, obnoxious people takes skill, experience and fortitude. This workshop will develop an individual’s emotional intelligence and help them to dramatically improve their ability to change the way they interact. This interactive workshop will focus on identifying what makes people difficult, the 4 intents that drive all behavior and help you understand how your buttons get pushed! Learning to make small changes to your current approaches will make a big difference in people’s willingness to say “Yes” to your requests.


Why Don’t We All Get Along – Understanding Generational Differences and Making Them Work

A major challenge in business today is the 4 generations currently working side by side. These differences affect everything from team building, dealing with change and motivating, managing and turnover. By developing an understanding of why people behave as they do, people are better suited to understand how to work together. This workshop uses real world examples to help the group integrate the learning.


Hanging on to Your Stars and Empower the Rest

Losing a star performer affects everything. Your team, productivity, as well as the level of trust within your organization. Trust is the foundation for everything and this workshop helps leaders to understand what needs to take place to allow people to feel respected and acknowledged so they choose to stay. Leaders will gain the skills to communicate in a manner that improves not only productivity, but the culture of your organization.


Cultural Metamorphosis – The Key to Employee Engagement

What is it that Fortune’s “Great Places to Work” (GPTW) do that creates an environment where people excel and profits soar? They create a trusting environment driven from the top that allows people to develop a high level of trust. This workshop is based on research conducted by Workplace Communication, Inc. in which I interviewed CEOs and Executives from across the US and will include insider secrets to understand how they create a culture which enables their people to speak openly and honestly. This allows the leadership to have accurate information on which to base their decisions, which influences the bottom line, turnover, and employee engagement.


Learning to Lean In

This workshop is designed to help individuals understand how they disempower themselves through the way in which they communicate and show up. We will delve into skills which will dramatically increase the amount of respect an individual receives that they can start using that day. Learn how to have those difficult conversations which you avoid and how to improve your relationships which help you get what you need. By understanding how to confront the difficult people in your life you will feel empowered and successful.